Elizbeth Grant Green Power With hemp seed oil Anti-Shine Hydrating Fluid


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  This lightweight mattifying skin refiner delivers shine control with a mega boost of skin brightening, moisturizing, and anti-aging ingredients and helps reduce the appearance of lines. This product is suitable for all skin craving a light weight skin moisturizer. Also suitable for oily skin, skin that is shiny, and skin with open pores. The formulation is light and fast absorbing, making it the perfect revitalizing skin treat for humid climates. The silky fluid with hemp seed oil sinks right into your skin, delivering the Essential Fatty Acids and amino acids to help strengthen the skin with hydration, minimize the look of lines, and relieve the appearance of redness due to dryness. The skin will look illuminated thanks to superfood extracts including parsley, kale, broccoli, spirulina and spinach, which all work together replenishing the skin and helping to protect it from the drying environmental elements. This valuable blend of actives helps to detoxify and tone the appearance of skin so that the complexion stays healthy and younger looking throughout the day.
Who it’s for: This product is suitable for all skin types, specializing in oily, combination, uneven skin tone. Contains: Torricelumn™ – Elizabeth Grant Skin Care’s superior moisturizing compound, clinically tested to boost hydration levels and plump the appearance of the skin making it look firmer and smoother.
Hemp seed oil – Rich in Essential Fatty Acids. It helps keep skin hydrated without clogging pores and soothe out dry skin, reducing the look of redness. Hemp seed oil is only derived from the seed and has NO psychoactive ingredients. Parsley – Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, nourishes the skin by smoothing out the look of lines. The antioxidants also help to protect the skin and brighten its appearance. Kale – Contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and K to help tighten pores and reduce the look of dark circles. Broccoli – A highly nourishing antioxidant with vitamins A and C. Helps give skin a natural glow. Spirulina – A blue-green micro algae that tones, hydrates the skin, giving a younger looking complexion. Spinach – Contains powerful antioxidants to radiant skin tone and moisturize the skin.
  How to use: Apply to face area every morning and night.




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